Cincinnati photographer Sean Prónay loves shooting in the Queen City

Sean Prónay is a Cincinnati photographer. That is to say he shoots mostly in and around Cincy. Portraits, events, nature and commercial photos. Professional video as well.

A Cincinnati photographer has options

Cincinnati photographer for weddings and moreFour reasons Sean loves to shoot in Cincy …

    • Editorial photography — concerts, sports events, news, etc.

A Cincinnati photographer can advance in any or all photo genres. And as luck would have it, Sean rocks almost every kind of photography. Not surveillance, though — he says that gumshoe stuff creeps him out.

Wedding photography

A Manhattan wedding will cost $80k or more. Meanwhile the average Cincinnati wedding costs less than $28k. Maybe that’s why so many folks tie the knot here in Cincy. (But wait, there’s more!) Unemployment is a mere 4.1%, well below the US average, and the median home sale price is just $128k. Crime is low. Good schools are all around, and Cincinnati Children’s ranks among the best hospitals in the nation. So for families with kids, the Queen City is a great place to be.

Portrait photography

Maybe it’s a head shot for professional or social networking. Could be a family portrait for the Xmas card. Perhaps a framed photo to show off your softball team’s new jerseys. Or some other thing. So whatever you need, Cincinnati has the perfect setting for your portrait, and Sean can help you find it.

Commercial photography

Fortune 500 companies based in Cincinnati (Kroger, Procter & Gamble, Macy’s, Ashland, Fifth Third and others) keep Cincinnati photographers hopping. So do countless smaller businesses and start-ups. Commercial jobs are about half of Sean’s schedule. (See rate sheet.)

Website photography is Sean’s strong suit. Having built web sites and e-stores for 15 years, Sean knows how to shoot for new media. Still think small businesses can’t afford to look big online? With Sean they can.

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So if you’re nervous about letting your uncle photograph your wedding, or you’ve hidden your latest head shot in a dark place where no one will ever see it, or you just need your business to shine online — contact Sean Prónay now.