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DCI All-Stars at Bowling Green

It’s not for everyone, but DCI events never disappoint musically educated audiences. When five or six musicians crank out tunes in perfect timing and harmony, we call that a super-band. And when about a hundred musicians crank out tunes in perfect timing and harmony with elaborate choreography, props, backdrops, flags, rifles, sabers and a constantly evolving theatrical style — we call that a corps-style marching band.

On Cincinnati shooting: it just got better

Of all the places where I have uncapped a lens, Cincinnati is my hands-down favorite. And why not? Cincinnati boasts a wide array of locations, a full spectrum of seasonal possibilities, a healthy collection of competing photo, film and video vendors, and magic light as beautiful as anywhere. And Porkopolis traffic on a typical day is pretty light by NY/LA standards, even in rush hour — so I spend less time driving and more time shooting.