Cincinnati pet photography begins at home

Cincinnati pet photography is one of my great passions. Not every Cincinnati photographer is lucky enough to have a house full of dogs and cats. The population varies, but we never have fewer than five or more than eight. Enough to keep my shutter moving, but not so many that I can’t keep the fur and slobber off my gear.

Check out some of the pet shots I’ve grabbed in recent years. Then read about animals make us better photographers and happier people overall.

My family makes sacrifices every day for our pets, and we don’t mind. There’s only one facet of having animals in our family that I haven’t learned to accept. No matter how well we care for them, the typical cat or dog checks out before her/his 20th birthday. But I’m grateful that I have beautiful portraits to honor and help me remember my “best friends.”

So Cincinnati pet photography isn’t just a money-maker for me. It’s also how I preserve and cherish memories of my own dogs and cats.

If you’re like us, you’re painfully aware how short the life of a pet usually is. The joy we get from our pets is without limit. So it’s easy to understand why we grieve their passing so intensely.

It sounds sappy. But one of the best ways to manage the pain of losing a dog or cat is to remember the many ways we connected with them. Portrait photos help us hold on to happy memories. There’s nothing wrong with camera phone snapshots, but there’s nothing like professional framed pet photography in your home or office.

We keep our dogs and cats with us for as long as their longevity permits. And we keep their memories for as long as our tired brains can hold them. Surely pet photography is no substitute for our pets. But it keeps our memories of them closer, sharper, and clearer.

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