Media advertising with in-house photography

It’s hard to pinpoint the year when my advertising career began. Was it back in the early 90s when I was making TV ads for Pittsburgh area businesses? Or back in the early 80s when my after-school job was proofreading at the Thiel College press prep room?

Any way you slice it, I’ve been in advertising creative longer than anyone should be. And through it all, I’ve been shooting. First on 35 mm film cameras. Then on video. Then on a digital SLR cameras. At some point along the way, amateur photography grew into professional photography. Today, we’re full frame, baby — stunning high resolution digital images with unprecedented latitude and clarity.

While I shoot retail and editorial from time to time, it’s my commercial photo work that dovetails perfectly with my Cincinnati media advertising venture. The right image captivates audiences and tells the advertiser’s story in ways no other device can. And by shooting those images personally, I mitigate the costs of professional photography while delivering excellent returns on my clients’ advertising investments. (Commercial rate sheet is here.)

Say your business needs a web site overhaul. There are plenty of designers, developers and creative directors who can deliver a clean, professional site at a reasonable cost. But there’s much more to the Web than readable text and pages that load quickly. Content is the key ingredient for attracting and engaging online visitors, and ultimately for converting referrals into sales. And of the content elements we use to generate sales, none is more potent than image.

Right now, I’m actively designing and building — online storefront for “the little Cincinnati logistics company that could.” Even if you aren’t looking for same day delivery in Cincinnati, have a look to see how a small business with a little honest photography and some CSS3 comes across online.