Wedding photography

Cincinnati couples want all kinds of wedding photography. Some prefer traditional photography. This is where a photographer poses people and gives a lot of direction. Lately though, more brides and grooms are getting a taste for fine art photography. While traditional photos aim to capture important moments for posterity, fine art photos shoot for an emotional reaction. Wanting neither traditional nor fine art, other couples choose wedding photojournalism, where a photographer avoids telling anyone where to look or what do. This lets you and your wedding guests focus on each other, not on a camera.

Wedding photographyNot every couple wants the same thing. So Sean begins every photo project with questions like these.

  • What do you want your wedding photography to do?
  • Can you point out wedding photos that you love — or ones you don’t?
  • If your photographer poses you and your guests, will that be okay?
  • What kinds of photos do you display in your home or on social media?

A wedding photography chameleon

Many wedding photographers are “one trick ponies.” That is, you get traditional OR photojournalism OR fine art. But Sean is more of a chameleon. He takes the time to learn what each customer wants, then crafts a custom approach for the wedding. Borrowing freely from fine art photography, photojournalism and traditional wedding photography, he shoots and edits with your preferences in mind. This way, you can choose a style of photography that fits the style of your wedding.

Price packages

Sean offers three Wedding Photography Packages (PDF), but can adjust any package to meet your needs. Like everything else (the dress, the rings, the venue, the reception, the cake, the entertainment), your wedding photography requires planning. So please ask questions and state concerns sooner rather than later.


Sean Prónay Photography does not discriminate on any basis, though refusal to pay would be a deal-breaker. Also see Sean’s blog post on shooting same-sex weddings.