Personal photography, AKA retail photography

There is an art and a science to photographing live subjects. It starts with exposures that are technically perfect, but doesn’t end there. It also requires coaxing the subject’s charisma to the surface. And if it’s a great photo, it also captures that instant where honesty, grace and personality converge. That’s the essence of personal photography.

For the most part, photography is one of three types:

  • Editorial photography (for textbooks, news/magazine articles)
  • Commercial photography (for selling stuff)
  • Retail photography (also known as personal photography)

Disciples of personal photography often ask “What does the photo say about you?” While an editorial photo seeks to inform — and a commercial photo seeks to entice — a personal photo is more subjective. Or it might preserve a cherished memory, such as with a wedding photo. Or it could celebrate a milestone, such as a new baby or a senior portrait. Maybe it hopes to rekindle romance, such as with a boudoir photo. Before Sean Prónay picks up a camera, he asks what you want your pictures to do. And while shooting and editing, he never stops thinking about what your personal photos say about you.

Personal photography isn’t rocket science. But not everyone does it well. Sean knows how precious your family photos are. He and his wife have three school age kids, and Sean always talks about how much (and how fast) they change. So he photographs your family the same way he photographs his own: with tender loving care.

Sean also knows how stressful it can be in front of the lens. Even people who are by no means camera-shy sometimes feel vulnerable or anxious. Luckily, Sean has a super-power. He senses, then responds to the emotional states of others. Some photographers dread working with children or animals. But Sean embraces their chaos. And there’s no telling just what sort of shots will emerge. Still he trusts the process will yield pictures his clients will cherish forever.

Personal photography pricing

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